Ant Miller on Honoring Developers “Who Get It”

The following is an excerpt of juror Ant Miller’s early proposal for how the Automattic Design Award should be judged.

The Automattic Design Award should recognize great design praxis. —Ant Miller

Definition of praxis 

1 : action, practice: such as a : exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill b : customary practice or conduct
2 : practical application of a theory


The finished product is of course the proof of the pudding, but as a member of a development team I want to especially acknowledge the design teams that although they are not responsible for the final delivery, they actually take the time to work through a complete design and think it all the way through. Because when I see a great website I often wonder whether we can honestly say that it’s always just a good “design.”

Very often, all too often, a website is the result of an aesthetically-pleasing design and a great, over-stretched developer who’s going back to the client and the design schematics — while trying very hard to make sense of it.

Every day, developers are having to go back to clients and ask, “What does this piece do?” or “What do you want the user to do here?” This is difficult work that often leads to slow development, poor experiences for the client and developer, and it’s a serious commercial risk for developers.

And, if the final result is really great, it’s sometimes a little galling for it to be held up as a great “design.” The glory ends up going to the designer, and the poor developer who’s sweated blood to make sense of the “designs” probably doesn’t get the credit they deserve. I’d like the Automattic Design Award to credit those developers “who get it.”

Ant Miller  / Human Made

November 16 Deadline

Entries for the Automattic Design Award are open starting October 29, 2018. All submissions will be due by November 16. Winners will be announced on December 3, 2018 just ahead of WordCamp US.

All entries are due by November 16, 2018 | 23:00 UTC.

Do speak up! TY —JM

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