Monique Dubbelman on Awarding Context Over Scale

The following is an excerpt of juror Monique Dubbelman’s early proposal for how the Automattic Design Award should be judged.

The Automattic Design Award should not just recognize agencies but should also recognize individuals who are managing through extraordinary conditions. —Monique Dubbelman

I’m wondering if we should have larger agencies compete with freelancers or not. That said, I don’t think size matters. An agency could be on a budget of 5k too, where at the same time, a freelancer could score a 100k project.

When considering judging criteria we should consider how WordPress has a stated viewpoint around democratizing publishing and a strong belief in social impact. Should we award a full web design or any partial web solution? We need to consider how something at a smaller scale should not be ignored just because of its size.

If a large agency and an individual are competing within the same category, we should value special circumstances in our criteria. That way we can be sure to give someone on a 3G mobile internet connection in South Sudan, working with no budget, a higher rating then a large agency in NYC with glass-fiber connections, 1.5million budget and 20 people working on the project.

Monique Dubbelman  / BOE Media

November 16 Deadline

Entries for the Automattic Design Award are open starting October 29, 2018. All submissions will be due by November 16. Winners will be announced on December 3, 2018 just ahead of WordCamp US.

All entries are due by November 16, 2018 | 23:00 UTC.

Do speak up! TY —JM

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