Rahul Bansal on Designing for Illiteracy

The following is an excerpt of juror Rahul Bansal’s early proposal for how the Automattic Design Award should be judged.

The Automattic Design Award should recognize design that needs no manuals. —Rahul Bansal

These days, I am researching a lot about “designing for the illiterate.” So I am deeply curious about what I call “trainable” design. A trainable design is one which enables one end-user to train another user with the least effort required. Because there is a large section of the population of the world who cannot read manuals, they will certainly need (and appreciate) a buddy to show them around!

Due to the market share that WordPress commands on the Internet, an appreciation of good design practices in the WordPress ecosystem through this awards program can go a long way in making the Internet better and more accessible.

Rahul Bansal / rtCamp

November 16 Deadline

Entries for the Automattic Design Award are open starting October 29, 2018. All submissions will be due by November 16. Winners will be announced on December 3, 2018 just ahead of WordCamp US.

All entries are due by November 16, 2018 | 23:00 UTC.

Do speak up! TY —JM

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